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Our PE Vision

‘Creating a healthy, active lifestyle whilst challenging children to be independent and respectful through their enjoyment of PE. We aim to give the children we work with the optimism and desire to achieve their goals’


At Beacon we provide our children with two full time highly experienced sports coaches who have a passion for PE. Our sport coaches teach all children from nursery up to year 6. By doing this they are able to work through clear progressions through-out the year groups and develop an effective scheme of work.


In Early Years the children access PE through the subject Physical Development  where the children develop their gross motor and fine motor skills. Children also have access to this subject throughout the day including using the Trim trail, completing the daily Mile and using the bikes, scooters and play equipment in the outdoor environment.


Through PE we try to encourage positive play. We expect children to understand and follow the rules, these are then being carried into the classroom and onto the playground. We try to create challenges for children to push themselves not only in sport but in their studies. We also encourage competition in order for children to learn how to win or lose. At Beacon Primary we try to install our children with a ‘will’ to succeed in all that they do.


Every child at Beacon Primary gets two hours of structured PE time during the week, with Year 3 getting an additional 30 hours of swimming throughout the year. At lunch time we have ‘Play leaders’ on both playgrounds everyday to encourage play under the supervision of one of our sports coaches.


Our PE lessons are broke down into skills so that every child is given the chance to try the skill and develop it at their own pace. By doing this we able to make every child feel like an equal part of the session therefore making it much more enjoyable and keeping the children engaged.



All sessions are designed and planned using four stages:-

  1. The warm-up – All our warm ups are based on working the pupils fundamentals, skills such as basic movements, co-ordination, space awareness, agility, speed, body control, reactions and decision making. The activity, length and tempo of the warm up is dependent on the session that will be taking place.
  2. Try it – the children get the chance to play the game and try to learn from their own mistakes
  3. Coach it – once the children have tried the game, I will then step in to coach it and demonstrate the techniques needed before they play it again.
  4. Progress it – session is either progressed to individuals or as a whole to the entire group.


At Beacon Primary will very rarely place the class into ‘matches’. This is because we do not feel that matches are beneficial to the class as a whole. For example, if we were to place a whole class into football matches the dominate footballers will come to the front and the less confident children would be left out.

All our games are based on equal opportunities, giving every child the chance to try the game and learn from the game. These games are based on certain aspects of different sports in order to break up the skills and develop them to their fullest. The sessions are designed to teach the children key skills in fun and competitive games. At Beacon Primary we see it to be more important to learn the basic skills now before progressing into playing matches in the future.



Gymnastics – During term one all children take part in gymnastics through PE. Key elements taught during this time are body control and presentation. KS1 work towards a routine they can perform while KS2 learn a different range of skills before placing what they have learnt in their own performance (Yr3/4 routine in pairs and yr5/6 routines in small groups)


Dance – during term two all children take part in Dance through PE. Lower phase explore movement through emotions while learning the tempo change in music before then learning a simple routine. Middle phase explore music by working in small groups to find a beat of a song and develop their own dance warm up before learning a routine. Upper phase learn a more complex routine before working in small groups to develop their own routines. All year learn a routine and are given the opportunity to take part in our school dance showcase.


Athletics – during term three all children take part in athletics. KS1 take part in different skill based running games. KS2 have the chance to try out all aspects of athletics.


After school and school sports

Beacon Primary offer a wide range of after school sports clubs to create opportunities to ensure children remain engaged in sports. We are currently offering 10 after school sports clubs per week.

We enter every competition the area has to offer in order to give our pupils the chance to compete and interact with other schools along with giving our pupils the chance to shine. We host a wide range of competitions throughout the year for all abilities and ages. At Beacon we are constantly creating links with local sports clubs so that our pupils can continue with a sport they enjoy, or develop in a sport they have a talent in. By doing this we hope to create a lifelong love of sport for our pupils.



All children in Year 3 are taken to Sneyd Community Centre each week to take part in swimming throughout the year. They are then assessed on their swimming in Year 6 after their SATs. Any child who is unable to swim competently over 25 meters will take part in swimming booster sessions in order to get them to the required level.



Beacon meets the National Curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety

% of children

The percentage of Year 6 pupils who could swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres when they left Beacon at the end of last academic year


The percentage of Year 6 pupils who could use a range of strokes effectively when they left your Beacon at the end of last academic year?


The percentage of Year 6 pupils could perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations when they left Beacon at the end of last academic year?



Coach D Johns

PE Leader


For more information on what your child learns in the weekly PE sessions please see the MTP below...

Special Educational Needs

Please see the document on how Beacon ensure all children, including those with SEND and additional needs provide a curriculum which is tailored to all children.