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How we promote Reading!

At Beacon we promote reading in many different ways and it is at the heart of everything we do.


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, you more places you will go.” –Dr. Seuss

Reading Forest

At Beacon we have a school library 'The reading forest' which is well stocked with lots of fiction and non-fiction books which children can enjoy and develop a love of reading.

The children all get the opportunity to visit the library to borrow a book once a week.

The Reading forest is also open during lunch times so that children can enjoy a book with their friends. 

What we are reading!

Outside each classroom there is a poster of what each member of staff is reading. Adults talk to the children about books they are reading to promote a love of reading. They also discuss the importance of reading as it is a skill you need in life.

Playground Libraries

On EY, KS1 and KS2 playground there are sheds full of lots of books which the children can enjoy reading whilst outside at playtimes and lunchtimes. There are also benches where the children can sit and enjoy a book together with a friend or adult. 

Borrow a book and 1000 Stories



Early Years

1000 Stories is a Walsall Early Years Initiative to promote bedtime stories at home. 


We know that for children to thrive in reading they need too...


Hear 2,500 words per hour.
Learn at least 400 new words a year... That’s just over 1 per day!
Be able to talk about their feelings and manage their emotions.
Use words to imagine and create stories.
Understand the world around them.
Make friends and empathise with others.

At Beacon the 1000 stories initiative has been very successful across Pre-school Nursery and Reception so much so that it has been introduced in KS1 & KS2.


Parents and children have the opportunity to borrow a book as often as they like to read to/ share with their child whether this be every day, twice a week, at the weekend or on a certain day. Each Key Stage has a book trolley which is wheeled out before and after school so the children can choose a book to take home. 


KS1 & KS2 

Borrow a book

As a school we decided to open a school library service due to lots of local libraries closing down. We love books and have chosen lots of fiction books which will motivate children to read at home.

The children can pick a book from the trolley to take home to share with their family or read independently for pleasure. 


Classroom doors!

Each half term the children choose their favourite book and create work for their classroom door.

This promotes a love of books and teaches children about different authors. 

Classroom doors spring term!

Classroom doors summer term!

Book Vending Machine- Star reader!

Each week a child from every class from Reception to Year 6 is chosen as star reader.

The children receive a certificate in celebration assembly and a gold coin to put into the Book Vending Machine to select a book of their choice. 

Reading corners in classrooms!

Each classroom across school has a unique reading corner which is created by the staff to promote a love of reading!


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