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Reading Challenges

We know you love reading but have you ever tried to complete a challenge while you read? Over the next few weeks, you will find some challenges on this page that all relate to reading. It doesn't matter if you are reading a book, a magazine, a recipe or even something on your phones and tablets, have a go at completing our challenges. If you would like to tell us what you've done or even send in a photograph of you doing it, please do so by sending an email to...


Looking forward to seeing what you've been up to!


Challenge 1 - Read a book in the dark, using a torch. Miss Walters has done this today, reading Chapter 9 of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - visit the KS2 reading page to see her!


Challenge 2 - Read out loud in a funny voice. Mrs Wanglin has tried to do this today reading The Snail and the Whale - listen to her read this story on the EY & KS1 reading page.


Challenge 3 - Build a ‘snow’ creature out of snow then snuggle up warm with a blanket and read your book. Can you email me a photo of your snow creature?


Challenge 4 - Read upside down! I'd love to see a photo of you doing this one!


Challenge 5 - Read or listen to a story and then draw a picture to go with it. Send a photograph of your picture to


Challenge 6 - Build a Lego scene from a story you've read. Don't forget to send your photos in!


Challenge 7 - Record yourself reading and watch it back! Did your voice sound different when you listened back to it?


Challenge 8 - Read to your toys! Did they enjoy it?


Challenge 9 - Make a reading pointer and then use it to follow the words while you read.


Challenge 10 - Balance a book on her head while you read! This one definitely needs photographic evidence! Send your photos in to


Challenge 11 - Make funny faces while you read! Did anyone see you and laugh?


Challenge 12 - Read to someone on the phone.


Challenge 13 - Read while standing on one leg like a flamingo!


Challenge 14 - Read under the table!


Challenge 15 - Read a story then make up your own ending. I'd love to read your alternate endings - please email them into me!


Challenge 16 - Read your favourite story and sing each sentence after you read it. 


Challenge 17 - Read in a whisper.


Challenge 18 - Build a den and then read inside it! I definitely need a photo of this one!


Challenge 19 - Write a letter to a character in the book you are reading. Send me in a copy of your letter!


Challenge 20 - Use puppets to act out the story you've read!


Challenge 21 - Do 3 jumping jacks or star jumps after reading each page!!! Sounds like hard work to me :)


Challenge 22 - Eat a reading snack whilst you read! 


Challenge 23 - After you've read your book, retell the story to someone. 


Challenge 24 - Read wearing sunglasses!


Challenge 25 - Read in a tent or under your duvet!


Challenge 26 - World Book Day - Read while dressed up like a book character! Please, please, please send photos in of you dressed up - I'd LOVE to see you!


Challenge 27 - Write a sentence or two about a book you've read.



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