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Question of the Day

The 'Question of the Day' will be uploaded at 8am daily. This will be a different task each day for the students to complete. 

Question of the Day 1.

As part of the English topic, we have been studying influential people that link to black history. To continue this, research Barack Obama and complete your own biography. 


Question of the Day 2.

Considering worldwide environmental issues, what causes ocean pollution? Discuss. 


Question of the Day 3.

Where does plastic in the ocean come from? Research and make a list. 


Question of the Day 4.

What is the biggest threat to marine life? Research and make your own conclusion. 


Question of the Day 5.

How much do plastic straws contribute to the ocean? Will a ban on plastic straws reduce pollution in the ocean? How and why? Research and create a balanced argument. 


Question of the Day 6.

How can echolocation save a mammals life? Research and create an informative poster. 


Question of the Day 7.

Link to our planned summer topic of Royal family and Parliament. Create a timeline of all the past monarchs. 


Question of the Day 8.

Research our current Royal family and create a family tree in the style of your choice.


Question of the Day 9.

Speak to your family members and make a family tree for your family, including extended family members. Choose your own format. 


Question of the Day 10.

What are the ‘for’ and ‘against’ points for Harry and Megan leaving the Royal family? Consider both sides of this argument and make your own conclusion.