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School Restart

Good Morning Parents & Carers,
I hope you are all  well and keeping safe during these difficult times.
As I am sure you have heard, the government has proposed that schools could open up on June 1st, for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. 
We are still waiting for guidance  on how this will work and we are updated daily by both the Local Authority and the Department for Education. 
It will be Beacon, but not as we know it ! Children will be split into smaller classes and many will not have their normal class teacher ( mainly because if classes are split as we are being advised - the class teacher cannot be in two places at the same time).
There will be staggered entry and exit times for children and we will be keeping children separated from other year groups and other children who are not in their small class.  This however is still all in the planning stage and when we have received more guidance we will share it with you.  
The guidance we have received does state that this is school, so if the children are in they are expected to stay all day and every day ( unless they are ill).
We will have strict social distancing measures in place such as, only one parent or carer will be allowed in the office at any one time, parents will be kept at a distance when dropping off  and collecting their child. We do not yet know how the lunch system will work, this may be a packed lunch or it me be a 'hot bagged' lunch taken to the classroom. 
Many of you I know are worried and concerned about sending your children back into school, we understand this and will do what ever we can to support both you and your children during this transition period. You may chose not to send you children back in and this is all down to parental choice, what we do know is that the government will not be fining parents of children who do not attend. 
Could I ask parents and carers of children in - Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 to send an email back with your child/ren's name  and year group to inform us that they will be returning on June 1st. 
Please DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL - send a individual one so that it will make it easier for us to collate numbers. 
The email address to inform us is  -
I will say at this point we know as much as you do we have been promised further guidance on how this will look in the coming days.
Many thanks and I hope to see you all soon 
Paul Drew 
Head Teacher