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Daily task Questions

Question 1 - Can you name 3 toys that are from the Victorian era?


Question 2 - Who is Richard Stieff and what is he famous for? You could write a fact file about him using the information that you find?


Question 3 - Can you describe a Jacob's ladder is and how it works?


Question 4 - Can you name a toy that is made from plastic?


Question 5 - Can you name a toy that is made from wood?


Question 6 - How have toys changed over time? Could you write about this and talk about how the materials have changed?


Question 7 - What was the first toy ever made and when was this made? You could draw the illustration and label it.


Question 8 - Can you find 10 facts about old toys?


Question 9 - Can you find out how toys are different/similar around the world and compare these to toys made in the U.K.?


Question 10 - Can you look at dolls from the past and how they are different today? Can you explain what has changed and why they have changed?