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Daily Questions

Day 1 - Who was Edward the Confessor? Find 7 facts about him and his rule during Anglo Saxon times. 


Day 2 - Where did the Anglo Saxons come from? Draw a map to show their route to Britain.


Day 3 - What was village life like for the Saxons? Draw a picture of their settlement.


Day 4 - Why did the Saxons invade? Explain in your own words. 


Day 5 - What tools did the Saxons use? Draw and label.


Day 6 - What words do we still use today that originated from Anglo Saxon times? Make a list of them. 


Day 7 - What did Saxons travel in? Complete a sketch.


Day 8 - What colour were Anglo Saxon carrots? Try to find out why.


Day 9 - Who was Alfred the Great? Create a fact file about him and his rule.


Day 10 - What did the Anglo Saxons make out of clay? Draw and label.