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Daily Questions

Day 1 -  Task 1 - I can locate and name some of the world’s most famous volcanoes - Linked to Active Plant.


Day 2 - Task 2 - To research and write about facts about the key aspects of earthquakes.


Day 3 - Task 3 - Design a healthy eating menu for your family for the day, including breakfast, lunch and evening meal. 


Day 4 - Task 4 - Can you write a book review about the Escape from  Pompeii?


Day 5 - Task 5 - Can you write a list of information and facts that you have learnt  about Pompeii? 


Day 6 - Task 6 - Can you write a description of how it would feel if you were involved in a volcanic eruption?


Day 7 - Task 7 - Can you write a list of information and facts that you have learnt during our topic of Active Planet? Think about Pompeii, volcanoes, earthquakes and  Tsunamis.


Day 8 - Task 8 - Can you research how Earthquakes are measured? 


Day 9 - Task 9 - Look at this image of a Pompeii Theatre - use as many adjectives as possible to describe it and list what performances would have occurred there.


Day 10 - Task 10 - Can you write a diary entry from Livia’s point of view on the day of the 24th August 79AD and the Mount Vesuvius Eruption?