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Daily question

Reception ‘Daily’ questions

Each day there will be a question to discuss with your child. These questions will challenge your child’s thinking.

To challenge your child encourage them to write the answers independently.


Week 1

Week commencing 23rd March 2020

Day 1

Can you name 5 wild animals? What is the difference between a wild animal and a pet?

Day 2

Can you name 5 fruits and 5 vegetables? Why should we eat healthily?

Day 3

Can you name different types of weather? Fog is one type of weather, why is it dangerous to drive when there is fog?

Day 4

What do you want to do when you grow up? How can you achieve this job?

Day 5

If you could travel to space what 3 things would you take with you and why?


Week 2

Week commencing 30th March 2020

Day 6

If you could grow anything in your garden what would you grow and why?

Day 7

If your favourite toy could talk what do you think it would it say?

Day 8

If you could visit any country in the world where would you go and why?

Day 9

If you wrote a book what would it be about?

Day 10

If you could ask a wild animal any question, what would you ask?


Week 3

Week commencing 20th April 2020

Day 11

If you were a photographer for a day, what would you take pictures of?

Day 12

If you had a pet dragon, what would you name it? What would it look like?

Day 13

If you joined the circus, what would your circus act be?

Day 14

Who is your favourite storybook character? Why?

Day 15

If you had to write some new rules for your house what would they be?


Week 4

Week commencing 27th April 2020

Day 16

If you could choose a new name for yourself, what would it be, and why?

Day 17

If you could invent something new, what would it be?

Day 18

If you had super powers, what would they be?

Day 19

If you had to give away all your toys but keep just one, which one would you keep and why?

Day 20

If you were in a band, what instrument would you play and why?


Week 5 4th May 2020

Day 21

Can you name 3 different flowers you may see in the garden or local environment? What do they look like?

Day 22

If you won 1 million pounds what would you buy? Where would you go?

Day 23

Would you rather have a bath of jelly or a bath of baked beans and why?

Day 24

If you were a sea creature what would it be and why?

Day 25

Can you name 3 different dinosaurs? Which is your favourite and why?


Week 6 11th May 2020

Day 26

If you could meet any superhero which one would it be and why? What would you say to them? Where would you like to spend a day with them?

Day 27

Can you name 5 different types of transports? Which ones need a road, water or air?

Day 28

If you were invisible for a day what would you do?

Day 29

Where would you go if you could fly?

Day 30

If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?


Week 7 18th May 2020

Day 31

If you could meet anyone who would it be and why? Would it be a celebrity or someone famous from the past?

Day 32

If you got stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you miss and why?

Day 33

If you could choose any animal from the world to have as a pet what would you choose and why?

Day 34

What is your favourite TV character? How would you feel if you got to meet them? What would you ask them?

Day 35

What is your favourite chocolate bar? If you could invent a new chocolate bar what ingredients would it have?


Week 8 1st June 2020

Day 36

If you could time travel or turn back time what would you go back to?

Day 37

If you could choose your own bedtime what time would it be?



Week 9 8th June 2020



Week 10 15th June 2020



Week 11 22nd June 2020