Message from our staff We have really high expectations of all the children and want them to succeed in all that they do.  There is nothing as fulfilling than to see a child who has a positive attitude to learning who wants to develop his/her mind to learn new and wonderful things.  Of course there are going to be times when your child finds something difficult, please don’t worry, we will let you know how you can help them at home.  We would really appreciate your support with homework and if there are any problems, we would like you to let us know as soon as you can.  We aim to instil in the children a love of learning, to become self-motivated, to have pride in their achievements. We want them to develop into polite, responsible young people. BY WORKING TOGETHER WE CAN SUCCEED AND WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! We know that we can smooth out any concerns that you may have regarding your child. Please approach us on the playground in the mornings or evenings and we will address any  issues quickly and effectively. We really look forward to working with you and your child.

Our current staffing structure can be seen below:

NamePositionArea of Responsibility
Mr P DrewHead TeacherOverall Strategic direction
Miss C ChandlerDeputy Head Teacher
0.5 Teaching commitment
Pupil Premium Manager
Mrs G HaywardMaternity Leave
Mrs S HayreSchool Office Manager
Mrs S WebbFinance Clerk
Miss K DouglasSecretaryWebsite Co-ordinator
Mrs L HoldcroftSecretary
Mr P Bruton-HolmesCaretaker
Miss D NewtonYear 6 TeacherGifted and Talented
Mr M BondYear 6 Teacher
Assistant Head Teacher
Miss C DaviesYear 5 Teacher
Mr D MintoYear 5 TeacherICT
Mrs R MooreYear 4 TeacherEnglish
Miss P ChaddaYear 4 Teacher
Mr J HoldcroftYear 4 TeacherSchools Direct
Mrs J StokesYear 3 TeacherArt/DT
Miss E BondAssistant Head Teacher
Year 3 Teacher
Mrs S PapadopoulosYear 2 Teacher
Assistant Head Teacher
English Co-ordinator
Science Co-ordinator
Phase 3 Leader
Miss R PopatYear 2 TeacherMusic
Mrs E WanglinYear 1 TeacherCornerstones
Miss A PeartYear 1 TeacherRE/International Curriculum
Miss L O'DonovanReception TeacherMFL
Miss A WaltonReception Teacher
Ms W SivernsNursery TeacherLibrary
Miss C BadgerNursery TeacherPre School Teacher
Miss M MeredithNursery Apprentice
Mr D JohnsPE CoachPE Co-ordinator
Miss H HumpageSports Coach
Mr J MansellApprentice Sports Coach
Mrs K MeredithLearning Mentor
Mrs M ThackerBehaviour Support Specialist
Miss L WaltonSpeech and Language Specialist
Mrs A HortonRWI ManagerReading
Mrs E FriarHLTAPhase 2
Mrs J NichollsHLTAPhase 3
Mrs C CrewHLTAPhase 4
Mrs C GreenHLTAPhase 5
Miss J TillTeaching AssistantYear 4
Mrs K AndrewsTeaching AssistantYear 1
Mrs S MosedaleTeaching AssistantReception
Mrs L CullisTeaching AssistantNursery
Miss J MartinTeaching AssistantReception - Miss O'Donovan
Mrs S FullwoodTeaching AssistantYear 1
Mrs J SmithTeaching AssistantYear 5
Miss K WebbTeaching AssistantLSA
Miss H CorbettTeaching Assistant
Miss R PotterChildcare PractitionerBeacon Day Care
Mrs R RaiChildcare PractitionerBeacon Day Care
Mrs S Bate-TaylorChildcare PractitionerBeacon Day Care
Miss Q GeeChildcare PracticionerBeacon Day Care
Miss A WhitakerChildcare ApprenticeBeacon Day Care
Miss B HorganChildcare ApprenticeBeacon Day Care
Miss M HarrisonChildcare ApprentceBeacon Day Care
Mr J BlakemoreICT Apprentice
Mrs K AllkinsLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K HarrisLunchtime Supervisor
Miss S JohnsonLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs N MylesLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J SmithLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs G KingstonLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J TolleyLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs V JonesLunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J BednallCleaner
Mrs D CattellCleaner
Mrs M DaviesCleaner
Miss S JohnsonCleaner