School Vision

Lighting the way to a brighter future…

Our shared vision for Beacon Primary School is to create a safe, caring and stimulating environment where every child feels equally valued and empowered to achieve their full potential.

We passionately believe that for our children to become lifelong learners, we must provide a challenging, fun and creative curriculum delivered through inspirational teaching.

By having a high regard for the values of respect, trust and honesty, we believe our children will grow to be responsible, well rounded individuals who care for themselves and others.

Our friendly and supportive staff team, guided by clear and effective leadership, will carefully nurture our children so that they have the confidence to have high expectations. By promoting healthy, active lifestyles our children will make informed life choices.

At every opportunity, and through collaboration with parents, Governors and the wider community we will promote the importance of academic success, personal achievement and sheer determination.