School Pupil Reward Points

Pupil reward points is the system that we use at Beacon where pupils can receive points for a number of different things.  These points can be saved by pupils and they can choose to spend them on a variety of prizes from the rewards shop with different prizes worth different points.  Prizes such as free bagels, skip the lunch queue, stationary, vouchers and even a top prize of a bike!
The aim of the system is to reward pupils who always do the ‘right thing’ in school as well as driving attendance and having a clear consequence for yellow and red cards and our behaviour system.  The following is a list of points that pupils can receive:

  • Being good to be green at the end of the day (5 points)

  • Being in school (5 points)

  • Excellent effort (1 point)

  • Being a good friend (1 point)

  • Being helpful (1 point)

  • Super homework (1 point)

  • Star of the week (10 points)

  • Best walker (5 points)

  • Best manners (5 points)

  • Maths Wizard (5 points)

  • Yellow card (-5 points)

  • Red card (-10 points)

Access your Reward Points Profile here: