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Beacon’s Use of Sports Premium

Sports Premium Funding is provided by the government for primary schools to develop a ‘sporting legacy’ in the wake of the 2012 Olympics.

This has been made available to Head Teachers of primary schools, who are to account for the allocation of the funding and evaluate the benefit of any action taken utilising the funding, for pupils. The level of funding provided to schools is based on pupil numbers recorded in the annual school census. Beacon Primary School has received a total of £9240.00

The Sports Premium has been used by Beacon for:

* Membership of the Youth Sport Trust; this has been incorporated as part of the service the Streetly Academy has provided. YST has provided some staff training opportunities in PE which have been utilised by staff from Beacon.

* Membership of the Streetly Academy Sports Partnership which has also included the YST membership. The Streetly Academy has provided competitions for children from Years 1 through to Year 6 an opportunity which is not available to non-member schools. From this opportunity over 200 pupils were recorded on extra- curricular registers in the last academic year. Staff training has also been provided as part of their commitment to help schools improve the delivery of their PE.

* Specialist sports coach to work with Years 5 and 6. To provide specialist gymnastics training. This focussed coaching has had a positive impact on both physical fitness and the children’s access to a wide range of sports. This has been evident as the school continues to be successful at a range of inter-school competitions.

* Offer financial assistance, part of the funding has been used to support parents. This has allowed children to participate in events that they would have been financially prevented from.

* To support the running costs of the school mini bus – this has been crucial in enabling us to transport large groups of children to sporting events.

* Financial support for the school to allow staff to be released. Specialist Subject Co-ordinator has attended a range of CPD opportunities within the network of the Streetly Academy. The Co-coordinator has delivered the training back into school.

* To replace or fund the provision of PE equipment across the school. Equipment will continue to be acquired using alternative funds where possible (football strips through sponsorship or competitions; free offers to promote events with equipment provided etc.)

* To organise/participate in events for children to compete in, some of the money has been used to allow for the organisation of events for the children and the cross school development of PE. From a pupil voice questionnaire children discussed how they enjoyed being involved in the competitions as representatives of the school.

* To organise borough wide competitions for our children to get the chance to participate in large competitive events. Over 300 children have participated in sporting events hosted at Beacon.

After reviewing the use of the Sports Premium Funding the Head Teacher, in consultation with the PE subject co-ordinator, has agreed that the money should be invested to provide the best possible opportunities for development within the school. A projection for 2016/2017 has been listed below.

* Continue to participate in the Streetly Academy sports partnership as this will provide the children with opportunity to participate in level 2 inter-school competitions and from there – if successful – at level 3, such as the Black Country Games. The value of this investment has been noted by the ability to utilise competitions for all years from Year 1 upwards. The ongoing staff development opportunities will continue to be used. This will also continue to include membership of the YST

* Continue to use a specialist sports coach to support Upper Key Stage 2 staff in the delivery of PE to years 5 and 6. This also allows for links to external sports clubs for rugby and athletics.

* Continue to offer financial assistance for families where support is required, allowing greater involvement in events for children that would be prevented from being able to participate otherwise.

* Continue to organise/participate in events, children will continue to be given the opportunity to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities (Kingswood Residential, inter school games and tournaments).

* To replace or fund the provision of PE equipment across the school. Equipment will continue to be acquired using alternative funds where possible (football strips through sponsorship or competitions; free offers to promote events with equipment provided etc.)

* To fund wide range of extra-curricular activities led by our specialist sports coach outside of school hours.

* To embed the Kid Active Scheme within school as we look to educate our pupils on how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

* To provide SEND children with personalised provision through the specialist sports coach.

* To provide children with more opportunities to be active. A specialist sports coach leads a number of lunchtime clubs which include athletics, strength and conditioning, cross country and competition practice.