School Council



The school council was newly elected for this year during September.

The role of Mayor was decided by a whole school vote following an election speech to the school from each candidate.

Logan Richards was dually elected as Mayor for 2016/17.

We have 20 members of the school council with an additional 15 class representative.

The council meet weekly to discuss any issues raised by our pupils. Each council member and class rep go into classes regularly to listen to any suggestions/ideas they many have and to report back the work of the council on their behalf.

List of council member and their class representative:

RO – Megan Birt & Christopher Benton

RW – Connor Nicholls & Daniyah Imran Latif

R-S- Sophie Cooper & Lucy Dean

1AP –  Destiny Reynolds-Duffield

1EW – Logan Colley

2RP – Holly Pitt

2SF – Evie Drew

3JS – Ellie Birt

3EB- Logan Constable

4RM – Michael Evans

4PC- Willow Reyner

5TT- Jenna Townsend

5DN – Victoria Sakallah

6DN- Talija Simpson

6MB – Jessica Teager


Mayor- Logan Richards

Deputy Mayoress- Sophie Chester