Stars of the Week


Stars of the Term!

Reception EF: .

Reception AW: .

Year 1 AP:  Maisie Blount

Year 1 PS:  Surpreet Singh

Year 2 RP: Sienna-Rose Smith

Year 2 KM: Caleb Colley

Year 3 JS:  Kadie Stubbs

Year 3 EB:  Jayden Mambinge

Year 4 RM:  Victoria Koba

Year 4 JH:  Casey Myles

Year 5 MB:  Mariah Ahmed

Year 5 CM:  Phoebe Rowberry

Year 6 DN:  Narayan Ray

Year 6 CG:  Harry Forrester

Mrs Hayward: Abigail Potts

Coach Johns Sports Award: Pritika Sharma

Coach Mansell Sports Award: Sophie Blount

Best Walker: .

Best Manners: .

Lunchtime Award: .

Attendance Award: 1-PS – 96%