Pupil Premium 2016-17



Pupil Premium Grant planned expenditure


Context of school
Total number of pupils on roll 305
Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 179 – 59%
Amount of PPG per pupil £1320
Total amount of PPG received £236,280


Barriers for Learning

• Lack of real life experiences.

• Home environment.

• Limited resources and support.

• Low self esteem and self belief.

• Low expectations and aspirations.

• Daily nutritional requirements.


How Pupil Premium will been used

The funding received from Pupil Premium has been allocated in the following ways:

  • An additional teacher will be employed in Reception class to make 3 classes of 20 – this will enable Beacon to target the support where it is needed.

  • Additional teaching staff will be employed in Year 6 to enable the teaching of 3 classes of 15 – this will focus the support where needed.

  •   0.5 of Teaching Assistants salary to employ them to run daily afternoon intervention groups – whole school. Staff will work with small groups of children that have been identified as needing extra support. Groups have been identified across the whole school. These targeted intervention sessions include literacy, numeracy, phonics, SPaG and reading.

  • 0.5 of Assistant Head Teacher’s salary for responsibility of Pupil Premium pupils.- Pupils will be tracked and monitored to ensure they are supported in meeting their expectations.

  • Reading Intervention teacher will be appointed to target Pupil Premium children, ensuring they get additional support in preparation for Phonics and KS1 assessments.

  • Funding for after school clubs to enable pupil premium children to participate in all available activities.

  • Funding for breakfast club – staff salaries and provisions.

  • Funding for off-site Education Visits all trips that Pupil Premium children undertake will be subsidised – Where needed finances will be put in place to fully fund if required.

  • HLTA teaching small groups of children throughout Writing, Maths and Reading to allow for more focused teaching.

  • Gifted & Talented booster sessions will be fully funded.

What will the impact of Pupil Premium have on standards?

Achievement and attainment levels will improve as a result of focused small group teaching during targeted intervention groups.Children will be given access to a wider curriculum

What will be the impact on the wider curriculum?  

Kingswood – the children in Year 6 will have the opportunity to attend the Kingswood outdoor education centre – (subsidised for PP children).Through the extra after school clubs, children will have opportunities to engage and experience the arts, theatre, sport, cultures, so they have a wider breadth of experiences which enhances their education and enjoyment.