Parents Comments


I am so impressed with the changes made to the school and so pleased that my daughters are able to attend such a fantastic school where the staff truly care about the children’s well-being and education.  Please don’t ever change your values!

Katie Baker


The school is brilliant, looks fantastic, so happy that my children are being able to enjoy it all.  If ever you need any body to help out just ask.

Laura Salcome


Lots of progress, great changes, especially in safeguarding. Lovely ideas for a more enjoyable working environment.

Amanda Reeves


The changes made are very good and impressive, completely different from what I remember it from, very happy to have walked around.

Charlotte Harban


I am really happy with this school, I used to attend here and it is completely different – my son loves coming to school and now I can see why.

Jade Morris


The changes that have been made are stupendous and a real treat to the pupils. I am happy to have chosen this school for my children.

Jessica Raybould


The changes that have been made are outstanding and pupils are lucky to have a lovely school.

Katie Field


Great themes that I think will encourage the children to take an interest in the subjects the themes are based on.

Ryan Stanton


Very good. The school looks much better. I am sure the improvements will help all the children.  In all the areas are very impressive.

David Bryan


The changes made are amazing, school looks homely, fun, your enthusiasm is fantastic and shows how you have changed the school.  You should all be proud! I wish my school was like this, Beacon should smash Ofsted! Well done and thank you.

Laura McIntyre