The staff at Beacon Primary School teach English through a themed approach. This means that a book is used as a central stimulus for writing. Work, which includes narrative stories, newspaper reports, letters, discussions and diary entries, is based on the story being studied. Visual literacy techniques are encouraged within English as it engages all pupils and supports them with their writing. All pupils write every day, allowing them to develop and practise their writing skills. This is made up of lessons where children study the features of a key genre and have opportunity to re draft their writing.

Each year group has a specific selection of high quality books from well-known authors to stimulate pupils. These include Michael Morpurgo, Roald Dahl, C. S. Lewis and many others.

All English lessons are differentiated to ensure all pupils access the learning at their specific level. This is achieved by streaming pupils into different ability classes or groups and using experienced teaching assistants to support groups of children where needed.

Daily activities covering SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) are carried out at the start of each English lesson to enhance their understanding of grammar.

Spelling is taught through a new scheme called “Read Write Inc.” which is a series developed by Ruth Miskin. Videos introduce each spelling unit and lessons include a range of activities that include teacher led, pair work and children working independently.

Please click on the link to view the spellings that your child should know by the end of each year group

Writing at Beacon is linked with Cornerstones, where children are encouraged to produce a weekly piece of writing linked to the Cornerstones topic that they are studying. Please see the Cornerstones section to find out what topics your children will be studying.