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Beacon Primary School Computing Units –

Year 1

1.1 We are treasure hunters Using programmable toys Programming Programmable toys

1.2 We are TV chefs Filming the steps of a recipe Computational thinking Paint, Movie Maker/iMovie

1.3 We are painters Illustrating an eBook Creativity Tux Paint/Paint/2Paint A Picture, IWB software, Word

1.4 We are collectors Finding images using the web Computer networks Web browser, PowerPoint/IWB software

1.5 We are storytellers Producing a talking book Communication/Collaboration PowerPoint/2Create A Story/IWB software

1.6 We are celebrating Creating a card electronically Productivity PowerPoint/Word/Clicker 6, Paint/2Paint A Picture

Year 2

2.1 We are astronauts Programming on screen Programming Scratch/Kodu/Scratch Jnr

2.2 We are games testers Exploring how computer games work Computational thinking Scratch, Screencast-O-Matic 2.3 We are photographers Taking, selecting and editing digital images Creativity Picasa Web/

2.4 We are researchers Researching a topic Computer networks FreeMind,, web browser, PowerPoint

2.5 We are detectives Communicating clues Communication/Collaboration Email system, Excel

2.6 We are zoologists Recording bug hunt data Productivity Excel/IWB software, Picasa Web/Photo Gallery,

Google Maps/Google Earth

Year 3

3.1 We are programmers Programming an animation Programming Scratch/PowerPoint

3.2 We are bug fixers Finding and correcting bugs in programs Computational thinking Scratch/PowerPoint

3.3 We are presenters Videoing performance Creativity Movie Maker/iMovie

3.4 We are network engineers Exploring computer networks, including the internet Computer networks Access to school network and command prompt

3.5 We are communicators Communicating safely on the internet Communication/Collaboration Email system, video conferencing software and presentation software

3.6 We are opinion pollsters Collecting and analysing data Productivity Google Forms, Google Sheets and Google Slides/InspireData/Excel, Word

Year 4

4.1 We are software developers Developing a simple educational game Programming Scratch/Snap!

4.2 We are toy designers Prototyping an interactive toy Computational thinking Scratch

4.3 We are musicians Producing digital music Creativity Isle of Tune, Audacity, LMMS/GarageBand, MuseScore

4.4 We are HTML editors Editing and writing HTML Computer networks Firefox, Brackets

4.5 We are co-authors Producing a wiki Communication/Collaboration Learning platform/MediaWiki/Google Sites

4.6 We are meteorologists Presenting the weather Productivity Excel/Google Sheets, PowerPoint/IWB software

Year 5

5.1 We are game developers Developing an interactive game Programming Scratch/Kodu

5.2 We are cryptographers Cracking codes Computational thinking Scratch, The Black Chamber

5.3 We are artists Fusing geometry and art Creativity Inkscape/Adobe Illustrator/CorelDRAW, Scratch, Terragen Classic

5.4 We are web developers Creating a web page about cyber safety Computer networks Google, Bing, Google Sites/learning platform/WordPress

5.5 We are bloggers Sharing experiences and opinions Communication/Collaboration WordPress/Blogger/learning platform, GIMP, Audacity, Movie Maker

5.6 We are architects Creating a virtual space Productivity Trimble SketchUp, Screencast-O-Matic

Year 6

6.1 We are app planners Planning the creation of a mobile app Computer networks App Inventor/AppShed/PhoneGap, Picasa Web,

Google Drive Presentation/Prezi

6.2 We are project managers Developing project management skills Computational thinking Google Apps for Education/VLE/GitHub

6.3 We are market researchers Researching the app market Productivity Google Drive applications/Office, Movie Maker

6.4 We are interface designers Designing an interface for an app Communication/Collaboration Justinmind Prototyper/Pencil Project/PowerPoint

6.5 We are app developers Developing a simple mobile phone app Programming App Inventor

6.6 We are marketers Creating video and web copy for a mobile phone app Creativity Publisher, WordPress/Google Sites, Movie Maker